Chaplains Corner 01APR18

Easter Sunday
I heard a message today that I have to share with you. Being that today is also April Fools Day, the message is about 2 fools. 
Now to set this story up I have to take you back to Good Friday. You see the day of Jesus' crucifixion in itself was not a unusual day. Having crucifixions was a common thing and this day was no different. But it's this day we're talking about fools. There were 2 fools this day. One of the world and one of heaven. Now I'm talking about the two criminals that were crucified with Jesus. Now both men had heard about Jesus, had seen how he had been beaten. The first fool, he was a fool to heaven. He along with the crowd stated that "IF" you are the Christ, then take yourself down from the cross and save yourself, oh and while your at it, save me as well. Now in heaven that is a ridiculous statement. Of course He is the Christ and does not have to prove it. But how often do we say, God if you fix this, or fix that in my life I will believe. Aren't we as foolish? Now the second fool was a fool of the world. He saw the same man on the cross next to him as fool 1, but he saw something completely different. He states to fool 1, what are you saying? Don't you know the damage to yourself your words will bring you? Don't you know who you are talking to? He continues and says, we deserve this punishment, but He has done nothing wrong and doesn't deserve this. This is a fool of this world. A world that condemns people for standing up for God. To take a stand that is not popular. How many of us make such a bold stand in our lives when faced with negative comments or judgement? 
As we read in the Bible, Jesus only responded to one of these men and told him, "Today you will be with Me in paradise."
You see both of these men didn't have a future. In a matter of hours or so they would be dead. Now both men were fools but one fool now had a future with God. So my question to you is since all of us will be a fool, do you want to be a fool now or later? As for me, I'll choose now.

God Bless You All.         

F.O.P. Lodge 1 Chaplain Ofc. Jeff Newberg #163