Chaplains Corner 24AUG17

You know on Wednesdays my church has group meetings, bible studies if you will. There are groups for all ages, single, married, men's or ladies groups. I attend the one for the guys. We have a few different teachers coming from different backgrounds, great guys with a great message. Sometime the most simple story that you've heard for years is shown in a way you never saw. This week Pastor Rob taught on Jesus feeding the 5,000. Now you may think, been there, done that and move on, but if you did, you missed it. Rob said he was going to Quentin Tarantino the story, to look beyond the obvious. For starters we know Jesus was preaching and had just found out that his friend John the Baptist had been killed. Like anyone he wanted a moment to mourn, so he headed out to a secluded spot, but He noticed that large groups of people followed Him, and as the story goes, He stopped blessed and healed them. The disciples told Him it was getting late and we should end this for the night so the people could go and get food. Jesus tells the disciples that they should feed them, they reply that they were only able to aquire 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread. Jesus says to bring the food to Him. He gave thanks and began to pass the food to the crowd. Now we know it was more then 5,000, that was just the men, not including women and children. At the end there were 12 baskets of leftovers. So lets dig into this story. What I took from this was this........
A) What we may say or think.
B) What God wants you to know.

A) God is to busy with real problems to listen to mine.
B) Even in time of mourning Jesus felt compassion and healed the many.
A) God must think I'm stupid to always mess up, He is probably tired of me.
B) The disciples went to Jesus and asked what do we do? They walked with Jesus, saw miracles first hand and still had to ask.
A) Why should I give thanks, it doesn't do anything, especially for small things.
B) Even Jesus thanked God for the 2 fish and 5 loaves and in doing so, fed thousands. Don't under estimate what you have.
A) I only have just enough for me and my family, I can't give to others. 
B) The disciples probably went to several people before they found the boy who gave them his lunch to share with the masses. It was all he had, but he gave it. Not only did a very little go a long way, but there was leftovers. Trust in God and He will bless you to the point of overflowing were you can't contain what you have and you will bless others.

This made we want to look at other stories in the bible, to look deep, to as Pastor Rob said, Quentin Tarantino the story and get the full meaning of what God has for us. I pray that God blesses you and your families, that His blessings are overflowing so that you can be a light to others. In Jesus name Amen.

God Bless You All.         

F.O.P. Lodge 1 Chaplain Ofc. Jeff Newberg #163