Chaplains Corner 01JAN2021

Chaplain’s Corner: 01JAN21

Wow, 2020 is officially over. It was a WEIRD year to say the least. I was asked if I could only use one word to describe 2020, what would it be? I couldn’t come up with just one because one didn’t seem to cover the year. The ones I thought of were, HATE, DIVISION, RIOTS, DISTRUCTION, PANDEMIC, just to name a few. We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff like the Russian collusion, Ukrainian payoffs, Epstein Island, tearing down statues, the erasing of history, a big push for Socialism, the Economic Summits in Switzerland pushing a “ Reset” and a ad poster I saw that has a picture with a guy smiling and the caption saying, “ You’ll own nothing, but you’ll be happier.”

WOW!!!! Who would ever had thought these things would ever happen? Definitely not me.

My church has our pastor live on Monday Wednesday and Friday in the morning with a message for us. If you’d like to join in you can go to

and you’ll see Pastor J. You can also go on YouTube as well. Today also talked about one word but for 2021 and that word was “Opportunity”

To not just cease any opportunity you can, but to be prepared for it. Pastor J quoted Abraham Lincoln who said, “If I was told I have 6 hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend 5 hours sharpening my axe.” Basically to be prepared for any task, or opportunity.

There is a pastor I see at Nicky’s Gyros once in awhile and normally we just say the usual Hellos and so on, but that day he asked me what I thought about what’s going in this country. Now those that know me would probably say, Oh no don’t ask Jeff that.......

But I kept it simple. I just said I believe we have entered the end times as talked about in the Bible. He said, “Really, why do you say that?” I replied that in Revelations it talks about the end times and that things we would think would never be, will now become commonplace and gave some examples. He told me that he is writing a book about Revelations. I told him that I would love to do a movie on Revelations, that with today’s CGI technology it would not only look realistic but is a much needed message for today. We never had a deep conversation like that before and definitely learned a lot more about each other. There was a opportunity and both of us took it.

So my message for all of us in 2021 is to not just take any opportunity that presents itself but to be prepared for it. Remember that God doesn’t give us more then we can handle. His word doesn’t say we will not have trials but does say the He will be with us when we go through them.

I pray that 2021 brings you and your families joy beyond your expectations. That your finances are always more then what you need. Your blessings overflow and enable you to bless others. That you are not just prepared for any opportunity that presents itself to you, but you don’t pass it by, but cease it, and run with it as God has planned.

God Bless everyone and enjoy 2021.

God Bless You All.

F.O.P. Lodge 1 Chaplain Ofc. Jeff Newberg #163