The History of Calumet City FOP Lodge #1

While most members are aware, some are still not aware that the Calumet City Lodge #1 was the predecessor to all Illinois Lodges, hence Lodge #1. We are proud of our heritage and take seriously our responsibility to represent the brave and dedicated members of the this historic lodge.

On November 29th, 1937, a charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, Incorporated, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, May 14th, 1915; and under that Charter, Calumet City Lodge No. 1, Fraternal Order of Police, was on November 29th, 1937, constituted a Subordinate Lodge with full power to work under their jurisdiction at the City of Calumet City, Illinois.  In 1998, to recognize the 60th anniversary of Lodge #1, the Honorable Jerry Weller recognized the hard work and dedication exhibited by members of this organization in his remarks to the Congress of the United States.

The first officers for the year 1938 were:

President Joseph Lesczynski, Also served as Grand Trustee 1938 - 1939 
Vice President Anton Heintz Jr, Also served as Grand Trustee 1939 - 1940 
Secretary/Treasurer Bernard Kulczyk, Also served as Grand Trustee 1940 - 1941 
Conductor Walter Maciejewski 
Inner Guard Fred Franke 
Outer Guard Gene Iattoni 
Trustee Henry A. Wleklinski 
Trustee William Gallagher 
Trustee Peter Loftus